Spending time at your desk shouldn’t be bad for your health. Read our guide on how to find an office chair - whether it’s a desk, gaming, or ergonomic chair - that’s comfortable, supportive, and suits you and your body. Continue reading...

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Price $199.89 to $1,990

675 Office Chair reviews
Koala WFH Desk

Featured review: Love my Koala WFH desk. It arrived within a couple of days of ordering. It was so quick and easy to put together. One of the brackets for the back was a little tight, but still managed to get it on my own with no tools. Just took some wriggling. So happy with this purchase, really glad I made the decision to go with Koala furniture once more.

Secretlab TITAN Series
  • Award Winner 2023
4.2 from 295 reviews

The Secretlab TITAN Series Gaming Chairs have a 4-way lumbar support system and complete recline and tilt adjustability, so you can sit at your desk comfortably for hours at a time.

Price (RRP) $899

High quality construction and materials
Supportive and comfortable
Easy to assemble
GT Racing Ace S1
  • Award Winner 2023


4.7 from 49 reviews

With adjustable lumbar support, a premium leather covering, and a comfortable high density foam seat cushion, the GT Racing Ace S1 can support you for as long as you need to sit at your desk.

Comfy and breathable
Durable build
Simple to put together
GT Racing Ace M1
4.7 from 50 reviews

Latest review: The chair is very comfortable and very adjustable, I have the fabric version and it feels very premium even though I didn't pay 500+ dollars for it. There are a few slight problems with it though,

ErgoFlip Active Ergonomic Office Chair
  • Award Winner 2023
4.9 from 22 reviews

Having the option of a regular seat and an active ball seat in the ErgoFlip Active Ergonomic Office Chair lets you both relax and engage your body throughout the working day.

Encourages good posture
Helps relieve lower back stiffness
Active surface is effective and comfy
Kergo Chair
4.7 from 18 reviews

The Kergo Chair has over 9 different types of adjustments, including for lumbar support, the headrest, seat, armrests, and back.

Sturdy build quality
Helps relieve shoulder and back pain

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ErgoTune Supreme Office Chair

Designed for those who spend 6 hours or more in a chair, the ErgoTune Supreme Office Chair has 11 adjustment points to fit the body comfortably and hybrid mesh to allow for breezy ventilation.

Price (RRP) $950

Breathable fabric
Herman Miller Aeron
3.8 from 12 reviews

Latest review: Bought the Aeron for Work. It was expensive but it is so worth it. The first day it arrived it was firm and uncomfortable for me but now I have fallen in love with it. It is comfortable and

Steelcase Leap V2
3.6 from 13 reviews

Latest review: I bought two of these. One had a manufacturing fault that couldn't be adjusted or fixed. The right side of the chair was lower than the left! The backrest was also skewed in a funny way. Not exactly

Koala Virtue Office Chair
4.7 from 6 reviews

Latest review: I bought 2 of these chairs 6 months ago, they are comfortable and seem very well made. Took about 2 months for delivery although I was aware of a delay when I ordered. I was updated regularly about

Ergohuman V2 Plus Deluxe
5.0 from 5 reviews

Latest review: Like most home-office based workers, I spend a lot of time sitting in a desk chair and I've had a lot of them over the years and they have mostly been either not very durable or uncomfortable. This

Bathurst Racer Chair
2.7 from 21 reviews

Latest review: It has a weight capacity of 120kg, it was fine for a couple of weeks, but out of nowhere a part of the plastic snapped, fell off my chair, it broke, and i hit my head, coxic and some nerve in my back

Unix Knight Extra Heavy Duty AFRDI Mesh Office Task Chair

Latest review: Nicest chair I have ever owned or sat in lmao (not that I’ve had many chairs) but this chair is well worth the purchase. The quality feel and comfortability of it are just superb couldn’t ask for any

Matt Blatt Replica Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman Premium GD-KIT-011

Latest review: Bought this chair through Kogan and got ripped-off on freight. Charged me $215 freight, and then would not honour a "free-freight" offer. Appalling customer service, not even bothering to read my

Ikea Markus
3.1 from 7 reviews

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Torino Race Tec Gaming Chair

Latest review: Headrest is well padded and in a great position. Armrests and seating position, are ideal for the comfort level of the hard core gamer. Great for gamers intent on lengthy game

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OVERDRIVE Racing Office Chair

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IMG Comfort Nordic 21
2.0 from 14 reviews

Latest review: Purchased double recliner chair and console in NZ in 2014 then moved to Australia in February 2018. Chairs memory foam seats collapsed so after a bit of communication between NZ and Australia, the

Gtracing Pro Series GT002
4.5 from 2 reviews

Latest review: This chair is great for gaming! I've been using it for over a year now, and it holds up nicely. No signs of wear, despite long play sessions, and it reclines very smoothly. Overall, great

Pago Matrix Mesh Medium Back Chair

Latest review: The chair seat is great and comfy for prolonged use, however, the back has a fiddly adjustment system where once you go over a certain height it drops down, coincidentally your own back can push it

Artiss 8 Point PU Leather MOC-1223-BK

Latest review: Picked up this chair for a cheap price and delivered in a week from Kogan. It was delivered in a box unassembled with a small package of hex screws, caps and a hex screw tool. The easy diagram

Koala WFH Desk
4.3 from 8 reviews

Featured review: Love my Koala WFH desk. It arrived within a couple of days of ordering. It was so quick and easy to put together. One of the brackets for the back was a little tight, but still managed to get it on my own with no tools. Just took some wriggling. So happy with this purchase, really glad I made the decision to go with Koala furniture once more.

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A black office chair in a brightly lit office.

Types of office chairs

Desk chairs

Desk chairs are your most basic type of office chair. They’re typically not very customisable (with many just offering adjustable seat height), and so are suited to those who sit for just a few hours at a time. If you don’t use your desk for a full work day, or if you switch between sitting and standing, a desk chair might be right for you.

Often relatively inexpensive.
Don't have many moving parts, so can be less likely to break and simpler to repair.
Don't offer the same level of comfort and support that ergonomic and gaming chairs do.

Ergonomic chairs

Of course, all office chairs are designed to an extent to be ergonomic in some way. However, when we talk about ergonomic chairs, we mean those that allow for full adjustability of most components.

That means that in addition to adjustable seat height and seat tilt, an ergonomic office chair will typically also let you adjust the position of the seat pan or backrest (by sliding them forwards or backwards), the height or positioning of the armrests, the headrest (if there is one), the tension of the recline, and sometimes more.

They’re a good bet for those who spend long hours at their desk and want to avoid pain.

High levels of adjustability can support your body throughout the whole day as it can be tailored to suit your seating preferences and body shape.
Can help relieve pain and stiffness throughout your body.
Often have more padding which often makes them more comfortable.
Typically more expensive to buy, although these models are often built to be more durable and stand the test of time.
Can be more costly and fiddlesome to maintain as the design is more complex than regular desk chairs.

Gaming chairs

Gaming chairs are designed to help you game comfortably for long periods of time. They’re meant to help you perform at your best, and offer lots of padding and support, often having features like headrests, wrist and lumbar support, and adjustable armrests.

They sometimes have features like in-built speakers in the headrest and USB ports on the chair's exterior. These chairs also often have a sporty, racing aesthetic to help you get in the gaming spirit - although plenty of people use them in their home office.

Facilitates good posture and seating position, as they're usually designed to be quite ergonomic.
Usually highly adjustable and comfortable.
Can be quite expensive.
Some unique features, like in-built speakers in the headrest, can be gimmicky and not actually work that well.

What to look for in an office chair

There are a number of things to consider when choosing an office chair. We’ve gone through the main points below, but it’s also worth keeping the following questions in mind when you shop:

  • How many consecutive hours will you spend at the desk?
  • What kind of desk will you be pairing your chair with?
  • Do you want your chair to look a certain way or be a certain style?

The answers to these questions will help you narrow down your choices so you can then consider the following factors when choosing an office chair.

Chair movement

Office chairs usually have 2 different types of movement mechanisms: synchro/swing motion or independent tilt.

Synchro or swing mechanisms let the user swing the chair backwards and forwards when they’re seated, as well as lock the chair at the angle they want. If getting a chair with this, check that the chair locks in an upright work position that’s functional and supportive for you.

An independent tilt mechanism lets you adjust the seat angle and backrest pitch independently from one another, which allows for a lot more angle combinations. This is useful for those who have back conditions or are only comfortable in particular sitting positions.

Most conventional styles of office chairs should also swivel, as this lets you easily rotate to reach different areas of the desk without straining your body.


Different people have different body shapes and sitting preferences, which is why adjustability is pretty important if you’re looking for the utmost comfort and support. Look for adjustable back support, armrests, and chair height. Some chairs also have a back that let you lean back when you want to relax.

Look for adjustment knobs that are easy to operate while seated.


If you have a large office space then size may not be a particularly important consideration for you, but for a lot of us with home offices (or work nooks), space is limited. Check the dimensions of the wheel base and arm rests so that you don’t buy a chair that doesn’t fit under your desk or in your work area.

Many office chairs can support up to 100kg, so if you weigh more than this, check with the manufacturer to see whether the chair you’re considering will support you.


Office chairs will usually have some features that make them more comfortable and supportive.

  • Headrest: Ergonomic and gaming chairs often have a headrest, which can reduce strain on the neck and upper back.
  • Heating pad: Some chairs have an in-built heating pad that can make cold mornings a little more bearable.
  • Adjustable lumbar support: Usually found in midrange or premium chairs, adjustable lumbar support lets you adjust the level of support you need in the chair’s back to support your lumbar curve.
  • Gel seat: This relieves pressure on the coccyx and pelvis.
  • Massager: A massage office chair usually has a massager in different points of the seat, back, and headrest.
  • Knee cushions: Found on a kneeling chair, these are cushions that you place your knees on so that your body weight is partially supported by your shins and less strain is put on your lower back.


If you want to scoot around your office space, then having a wheel base can help you do that - and make things a bit more fun, too. If you have carpet and want a wheeled chair, then you might also want to consider buying a chair mat to protect your flooring.


There are a few different options when it comes to the material of an office chair.

  • Leather office chairs are comfortable, easy to clean spills off, and are plush and stylish, but can get sweaty in the summer if you don’t have much ventilation.
  • An upholstered chair usually has a foam-moulded backrest with fabric upholstery, and is generally comfortable and fairly easy to clean.
  • Mesh office chairs offer superior airflow - making them great for warmer office spaces - and flex to the shape of your back when you sit back.


Because of the huge range out there, you can find office chairs for anything from $30 to upwards of $1000. Some executive office chairs might even run to a couple of thousand dollars. Realistically though, getting a comfortable, ergonomic chair will cost you at least $200.

Many decent home office chairs aren’t particularly cheap. However, considering you’ll likely be spending a good portion of the day sitting in one, it’s also not a purchase you want to be too stingy with. The more adjustable and supportive the chair is, the more it’s likely to cost. But an office chair that’s comfortable, good for your posture, and doesn’t negatively affect your health is a worthy investment.

The bottom line

Price aside, comfort and support are usually the top considerations that people have when buying an office chair. If possible, try out chairs in-store to see what you like. Some people prefer a firmer seat, while others prefer more plush padding. Because our bodies are so different, what’s comfortable for one person may not be for the next.

If you can’t make it to a brick and mortar store, read reviews of office chairs to see what others have had to say, and you’ll be well on your way to working with the support your body needs.

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